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Daily life

In 2018 ligt mijn focus op het dagelijks leven, dus ook binnen mijn fotografie. Naast het ontwikkelen van autonoom werk, ben ik me aan het oriënteren hoe ik in het kader hiervan, een zinvolle bijdrage kan leveren aan lokale media.

In 2018 on a personal level my focus is on daily life, so naturally also within my photography. In addition to developing autonomous work, I am orientating how I can make a meaningful contribution to local media in this context.







My work is about being in the world. It’s the only thing that is really true and makes sense to me. At the same time it is invaluable.

Place and time for me are substantial. It’s how I exist in the world and it determines my experience of it.

In 2017 my photographs centered around the here and now. I am fascinated by it’s temporality and I value the attention it requires. I captured places and focused on what was present there at that moment.

We forget the earth we walk on,

let’s focus on where we are and what we experience right here right now.